Enterprise search redefined

Efficient, semantic search

Find-it is a state-of-the-art software suite for automated text analyses and search precision. Under the hood, the software contains a powerful semantic engine that analyzes a text by its meaning, not just by its words.

That way, Find-it enables you to efficiently search, browse and process large amounts of documents – whatever you may need to do with these documents.

Built on top of the semantic engine, the individual Find-it products support a range of specific use cases in various industries: media, finance, insurance, public administration, auditing etc.


User-friendly & Intuitive

Our search solutions come with a range of convenience features that make searching more efficient.

Full range of Search Modes

All search modes may be used together in the same user interface and selected by the user on the fly.

Data Sources & Security

Find-it for Enterprise Search supports standard document types and searches across distributed sources.


User-friendly & Intuitive

1. Support for entering and refining the desired query: e.g. auto-suggest (automated completions of entered query terms) and fault-tolerance (“Did you mean?”), interactive search filters (faceted search)

2. Optimized display of search results: e.g. pagination, dynamic sorting of hits (by relevance vs. chronologically)

Supported Search Nodes

1. Full-text search: Search by a simple search field as you know it from Google.

2. Expert search: Find documents / pages by metadata fields.

3. Semantic search: Extend search terms by synonyms, resolve ambiguous terms, search for entities (locations, persons, organizations etc.)

Supported Document Formats

  • PDF
  • Office documents (MS Office, Open Office etc.)
  • RTF and TXT
  • E-Mail
  • Markup (HTML, XML etc.)
  • CSV, and more upon request

Search across Distributed Sources & Systems

1. Federated search: We integrate for you different data sources like Document Management Systems, file server, mail server, databases, wikis etc into your centralized search index.

2. Meta search: We integrate for you existing search systems into Find-it for Enterprise Search.

3. Multi-client capability: Use one installation to serve several customers or data sources.

Data Security & Additional Features

1. Secure: Find-it for Enterprise Search respects access rights for every single document. This information will be stored in the index and thus do not compromise search speed.

2. Preconfigured plugins: You may easily reconfigure the plugins to meet your individual requirements.

3. Language services: Find-it for Enterprise Search uses Canoo.net, the online language service for German words and grammar.

Meet our Expert

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Head of Product Development

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