IMTF recognized at Swiss Venture Club awards ceremony


IMTF is pleased and grateful for the recognition of its entrepreneurship and innovation during the Swiss Venture Competition ceremony “Prix CVS Suisse Romande” held at the Swiss Tech Convention Center at EPFL.

We thank our employees, as well as our partners and customers for their continued trust.

IMTF continues its path to Excellence in Regulatory Compliance!

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IMTF launched a new version of its successful Screening & Identity Matching solution I-match

Fribourg, 18 May 2021 – The Swiss Regtech company launched a new version of the NextGen AI-based matching engine I-match enabling financial institutions worldwide to enhance the overall performance of their compliance efforts

The newly launched version of IMTF’s I-match solution provides compliance officers with a powerful platform for batch and real-time screening & filtering of names with the highest precision against any structured and unstructured data source. The application features a best-in-class User Interface to maximize alert resolution efficiency, the ability to map complex processes and extensive documentation options. Furthermore, the new version considerably enhances its performance, allowing for high throughputs.

Regulators often require compliance officers to incorporate additional screening obligations, from screening against wider list criteria, broadening of matching rules to implementing a more comprehensive screening during onboarding.

Apart from the flexibility of their AML systems, compliance officers also struggle to implement these changes within tight timescales enforced. They need to understand how these changes will impact their match rate and overall alert volume on their already over-burdened compliance workforce.

I-match takes an evolutionary step in matching technology and provides even more granular coverage, functionality, and explainability to facilitate a regulatory audit and incorporate feedback. It puts total control into the hands of compliance professionals to apply different matching rules by risk level, internal and/or external data sources to truly enable a risk-based approach.

IMTF’s technology will affect your match rate positively and user-driven, configurable dashboards for managing your screening activities are increasing the efficiency of alert handling.

Key value proposition of our next gen tool:

  • Improved ease of use, adjustments and fine-tuning capabilities
  • Quick deployment and integration options, including scalability to support large volumes
  • Configurable and easy adaptation to the changing requirements of the various regulatory bodies
  • AI model calibration to your data typology and types of named-entities
  • Documentation explaining your algorithm-based decisions to regulators through articulated detection scenarios, underlying assumptions, variables, and thresholds
  • Advanced data science algorithms considering culture, ethnicity and language, including a newly launched component to support Chinese characters
  • Scalability to enable high throughput of transactions at very low latency

For more information about this groundbreaking AML technology kindly contact us

About IMTF

IMTF group is a Swiss regulatory technology (Regtech) company headquartered in Givisiez/Switzerland, which provides the modular IMTF RegTech platform, a suite of software solutions for digital efficiency and compliance (CLM, Document- and Folder Management, 3rd party risk intelligence, KYC automation and more)

IMTF operates globally and combines industry-leading regulatory knowledge with Software Development capabilities for leading edge solutions for banks, asset managers and insurers

Media contact:

Katja Mierzwa

+41 26 460 66 66

IMTF Compliance Breakfast, September 8th and 10th

Important: The planned Compliance Breakfasts are postponed, further information will follow in due course.

RegTech changes. The dynamic, complex and constantly changing spectrum of laws, directives and regulations requires new solutions for efficiency and effectiveness. Discover at our Compliance Breakfast how the IMTF RegTech modules – a single platform for compliance and anti-financial crime – can help you improve your daily work, automate screening and connect the dots within your organisation.

We would like to invite you to the IMTF Compliance Breakfast and discuss the latest challenges and solutions with you.

Save the Date 

IMTF Compliance Breakfast

Important: The planned Compliance Breakfasts are postponed, further information will follow in due course.

Three Reasons to Attend

Discover our AI-enabled compliance suite
Discuss with us about lower workload for employees
Exchange views with us on standards & best practices

Important: The planned Compliance Breakfasts are postponed, further information will follow in due course.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Geneva or Zurich.

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IMTF announces new APAC Head: Jordan Lo Chee Ee

Singapore, May 25th, 2020

IMTF, the Leading Swiss provider of RegTech solutions in the financial service industry since 1987, has reinforced its APAC focus and presence with the nomination of Jordan Lo to the company’s management team.

Jordan Lo will take over as APAC General Manager on June 1st, 2020 and will focus his activities both on the successful implementation of ongoing and challenging projects in the APAC region and the increasing demand for IMTF RegTech solutions.

Jordan Lo is Singaporean and comes with extensive experience in the financial sector, banking technology, and management consulting. For the last 2 years, Jordan has already been working with IMTF Singapore as Senior Project Leader and has shown that he has a deep understanding of the current challenges facing banks in the region and, more importantly, that he can deliver.


Jordan Lo will be instrumental in supporting banks, asset managers and insurers in their digital transformation. Together with the IMTF Singapore team, he will be managing projects with IMTF’s leading RegTech application platform, particularly in the fields of Client Lifecycle Management, Onboarding, KYC and AML automation.

“Our ambition is to support APAC financial institutions of all types to enhance their digital propositions and user experience,” says Mark Büsser, IMTF group CEO. “Firms wishing to maintain a competitive edge will need to invest in innovative and automated Regulatory technology to assure client relations, keep up with changing regulations and reduce cost. We have a deep understanding of today’s challenging financial environment and an extensive expertise to support banks in meeting their needs for evolution, efficiency and faster time to market.”

About IMTF RegTech platform

IMTF’s modular RegTech platform is the result of convergence of compliance and technology and improves your agility to automate and adapt to changing regulations. It aims to simplify and accelerate compliance with legal requirements linked to Name Screening, KYC, Enhanced Due Diligence, Onboarding, Client Lifecycle Management, AML, tax and market compliance and to automate processes.

IMTF group: Swiss Excellence with a Global Perspective

We engineer compliant and more productive Automation Solutions for the Financial Service Industry. The focus is on Client Lifecycle Management, AML/KYC Compliance and Enterprise Information Management. Our comprehensive platform offerings build on proprietary, world-class technology. HQ are in Switzerland (Givisiez, Basel, Zürich); internationally we operate from Paris, Luxembourg, Vienna, Dubai, Mumbai, and Singapore.

Our solutions improve Operational Efficiencies, Compliance, data availability and user experience:

– Onboarding & Client Life Cycle Management

– KYC, AML and Trading Compliance

– Name Screening and Semantic Background Searches (Identity Intelligence)

– ECM / EIM / DMS functions for all business processes

– Adaptive Case Management and Collaboration

– Fraud detection & prevention

– Agile development of custom-built solutions

Customers in over 50 countries use our solutions for growth opportunities, operational efficiency, compliance and risk management.