Anti-money laundering

Anti-Money Laundering

AML Pattern & Risk Detection Engine

A comprehensive, modular and proven solution to keep up with regulations and prevent money launderers.







With IMTF's new AML tool, we have not only significantly reduced false positives but also given our Business and Compliance teams a no-code way to update scenarios, try to prevent new attack angles and iterate existing configurations.

Head of Compliance, Swiss bank

IMTF AML Solution

Our solution identifies and reports suspicious activities related to money laundering and terrorist financing accurately, ensuring compliance with current regulation. It enables to follow a risk-based approach and combines powerful analytics such as rule-based data mining, profiling, behavior recognition, and link analysis to narrow down alerts to those that are most relevant. Your compliance team can also adapt the configuration, thresholds, and other parameters themselves to fine-tune the setup based on your own datapoints, making it a highly flexible and scalable solution for any size of organization and industry.

Product features

Adaptive profiling for Pattern Recognition

The module automatically creates behaviour models for each customer, customer group and account. The behaviour is analyzed and compared to the behaviour history as well as the profiles of a reference group (peer-groups). Predictive Analytics as well as Adaptive profiling help detect unknown money laundering behaviors.

Built for Compliance, not IT

Scenario management can be done directly by the compliance team without having to go through lengthy change management processes; This allows you to quickly change thresholds, test new rules and scenarios and really focus on what is important - fighting financial crime.

Second layer automation

Alerts processing, which involves close interactions between teams, is supported by a Dynamic Case Management Framework. This second-layer automation helps process alerts to make day-to-day Compliance work less error-prone, more efficient and productive. AI-based mechanisms suggest qualification proposals based on previous alert closings, improving case outcomes and time to resolution.

Supported Use Cases

AML for Cryptocurrencies

Are you interested to understand your banks exposure to Crypto Currency? Do you know how many clients are buying, trading or selling crypto currencies? Are you aware of the risk associated with a specific crypt-transaction? We can help and have a solution for just that!

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