Fraud Detection & Prevention

ML-assisted SWIFT, Multi-channel, Employee Fraud Solution

A real-time, cross-channel solution that supports you in detecting and preventing fraud in monetary transactions and other areas, i.e. Cybercrime, employee surveillance, application and claims. The solution easily interfaces with your existing Core Banking system and SWIFT Gateway.







IMTF Fraud Detection & Prevention Solution combines sophisticated data mining techniques, complex event processing, correlations and endpoint cyber-attack protection. Fraudulent and suspicious behavior patterns of both clients and employees are analyzed in real-time. The monitoring of internal and external activities allows a comprehensive detection of fraud. Our complete and comprehensive end-to-end solutions help organizations cope with fraud risk and reduce revenue losses.

Valeriy Voditchenski

Executive Director MENA

IMTF Fraud Detection Module

This module provides powerful multi-channel fraud detection that you can easily integrate into your current technology environment. By accessing multiple data sources to enrich and build your customer profiles, you increase your chances of spotting fraudulent behaviours. It's not just about detecting fraud, it's about preventing it before it happens.

The combination of multiple real-time anti-fraud mechanisms allows for high accuracy in detecting a variety of fraud attempts. Fewer false positives mean fewer legitimate transactions being blocked for verification, enhancing your customers' satisfaction.

Product features

Hybrid Approach

Using a unique approach to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions and customer actions, our module learns from previous patterns and user decisions and adapts to new patterns and behaviours.

A sophisticated Machine learning-based component discovers new patterns and suspicious behaviour while industry-wide patterns are shared through our network of Fraud detection scenarios, allowing you to take advantage of anonymous patterns that are discovered at other similar banks.


Applications & claims (stolen identity, anomalies), cybercrime (user session activities, attacks), commercial banking (cross-product account), deposit (account activity monitoring), employee surveillance (policy violations, theft) or remote banking (online, mobile, IVR, call center)...

Sample Use Case

Compliance Alert & Case Management

Current Compliance Solution landscapes are heterogeneous, only providing a siloed view on the individual matter at hindering teams to work together. 

We can solve that - our Compliance Case Manager is a unified and modern platform for all your teams to collaborate on and qualify individual RegTech alerts. It allows to summarize and centralize all your compliance matters, from Fraud alerts to KYC reviews, screening results as well as TSS alerts, and provides a comprehensive profile of your client.

  • One tool to work on all compliance-related alerts and cases

  • Customer-centric customer profiles to provide context to your investigations

  • AI-based “intelligence” to assist your teams to perform qualification more efficiently

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