IMTF completes the acquisition of the Siron Compliance & AML business from FICO 

byMaud Vonlanthen on 01 Dec. 2022

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IMTF is excited to announce that it has just completed the acquisition of the entire Siron Compliance & AML business from US FICO Corp.


With it, all Siron compliance products, all employees and client contracts worldwide are joining IMTF, making it one of the top three compliance technology vendors with over 1'600 clients, 300 employees and a presence in 10 countries. Fair Isaac Germany GmbH – formerly Tonbeller AG – also becomes the new IMTF entity in Germany. 


"We couldn’t be more excited to have the Siron products and colleagues as part of IMTF, combining the world’s leading AML and KYC tools with our modern IMTF digitization and compliance platform to fight financial crime”, said Gion-Andri Büsser, CEO of the IMTF Group. 


“IMTF is uniquely positioned to transform the compliance space and build out an unrivalled offering in RegTech” says Sebastian Hetzler, who is joining IMTF as a Co-CEO from FICO and Tonbeller, where he helped build the Siron business to the leading compliance solution it is now. “Integrations of Machine Learning-based components, Crypto-Compliance aspects and most importantly a focus on Client Experience and Client Delivery is what motivates a global team of experts around the world”, he continues. 


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