The IMTF Zurich team has moved to a brand new office in the heart of the city

byMaud Vonlanthen on 14 Jun. 2022

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IMTF's Zurich team recently moved to a brand new office on the 16th floor of the On Labs Tower in the heart of Zurich. This new space reflects IMTF's work approach, promoting collaborative ways of working in an inspiring and stimulating environment that fosters creativity and productivity. 🚀

Sandro Pelaez, Head of Product at IMTF, shares his impressions of the new place:

  • Why did IMTF decide to move?

"We wanted to offer our employees a workspace that they truly enjoy, where they are proud to come, and that creates real value for them. On top of that, we are growing fast, so we wanted a space that could grow with us."

  • How do you feel about the new office?

"I still feel mesmerized about it every time I walk in. It’s brand new, bright and centric, creating a cool workplace for our employees with all the modern infrastructure required for today’s work lifestyle."

  • What do you like the most?

"I love the views, and the coffee! But most of all I enjoy seeing our employees and colleagues happy when they come to the office."

  • How has the team been settling in?

"So far we have only received great feedback (except for the few expected initial construction “flaws”, since the building is brand new). Many employees enjoy coming to the office on a regular basis to participate in workshops, brainstorming sessions and, most importantly, to meet their colleagues and make personal connections."

  • What’s particular about this place ?

"We are on a 16th floor in Zurich, that seems unreal. Also it’s special that we are sharing the office with On and other cool startups."

  • How does it reflect IMTF’s work approach? Can you tell us a bit more about that?

"After the pandemic, we have improved our hybrid workplace approach, making it easier for our employees to work from home. However, the complexity of the solutions we create and deliver requires a lot of collaboration and interaction, such as brainstorming sessions, and our new office  definitely support us in this dynamic.

When choosing our office, we kept asking ourselves "What should the new workspace offer our employees to make them enthusiastic to come to the office?"

We found that there were 4 key points:

  1. It has to offer a short commute and easy access by public transport

  2. It should provide a nice work environment with plenty of space and options for interactions, workshops, video conferencing, informal sitting areas, etc.

  3. It should have free good coffee (no kidding!)

  4. It has to promote and facilitate social interactions and team building

Our new office meets all these key criteria, which makes us very proud and happy to work here and motivates us to fight financial crime even harder together."


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