Capturing Process Automation for payments and payment slips

Our state of the art payment processing recognition and orchestration engine ZV/2 is built to answer the increasing payment processing requirements at banks and to automate and digitize a time-critical process. The solution integrates natively with other IMTF products, such as the document archive (Hypersuite/5) as well as the case management module which increases process automation and brings collaboration within banks to a next level.

ZV/2 can handle a broad spectrum of payment types and is ready to also handle the new QR-code based payment slips.

Key Features

Polygon - Open positions

Incoming and outgoing payments

Polygon - Open positions

Forms and non-standardized documents

Polygon - Open positions

Incoming payments (PostFinance) EGA-B/EGA-V

Polygon - Open positions

Automation (payway, correspondent, etc.)

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Integration (corebanking / archiving system)

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