Enterprise search redefined

Efficient, semantic search

Find-it is a state-of-the-art software suite for automated text analyses and search precision. Under the hood, the software contains a powerful semantic engine that analyzes a text by its meaning, not just by its words.

That way, Find-it enables you to efficiently search, browse and process large amounts of documents – whatever you may need to do with these documents.

Built on top of the semantic engine, the individual Find-it products support a range of specific use cases in various industries: media, finance, insurance, public administration, auditing etc.

Find-it for Corporations

Use this precise and user-friendly search solution to query your intranet or website. Its full-text, expert and semantic search functionalities are easily tuned and tailored to the particular needs of your business environment.

Find-it for FSPs

Automate and simplify person searches across the web and other data sources. The resulting interactive report provides a quick and condensed overview of relevant information on the person and their network of associated people.

Find-it for Media

Provide added value to both editors and readers while increasing user engagement and online revenues. This product helps to eliminate duplicate editing work and enriches news websites with topic pages and personalized content.