IMTF Platforms

IMTF offers a comprehensive portfolio of platforms for automating processes and to respond to the constantly changing regulations. They all build on a common technology and architecture.

The portfolio includes ICOS/2 Onboarding & Client Life Cycle Management, Hypersuite Content-, Document– and Information-Management (ECM / EIM), and RegTech for highly automated AML Compliance, KYC, 3rd Party Risk Intelligence and Fraud Detection. 

We have adopted a modular approach allowing our customers to choose and implement only the modules that fit their current strategy while offering the flexibility to integrate additional modules in the future.

All our solutions have already proven themselves in several hundred productive environments in over 40 countries.

RegTech Platform

Speed up your compliance investigations & reviews, manage and reduce risks and adapt faster to changing regulations by automating KYC, 3rd Party Risk Intelligence, Due Diligence, AML, Identity Resolution, Anti-Fraud and more with IMTF’s complete RegTech Platform.

ACM Case Manager

Automate simple to complex, structured or ad-hoc processes to getwork done efficiently and effectively with IMTF’s Adaptive Case Manager.


Improve your operational efficiency with IMTF’s 2nd generation Onboarding & Client Life Cycle Management Platform.


The HYPERSUITE platform provides all ECM/EIM/DMS functions to all business processes. It offers dynamic management, control, rapid access, archiving and exchange of all corporate information.


Siron AFCS

Keep up with regulations, regulators and money launderers with this comprehensive, modular and proven solution.

Name Matching / Text Analytics / 3rd Party Risk Intelligence

Our 3rd party risk intelligence concept builds on a flexible and powerful platform to search and discover precise answers from any structured and unstructured data source.