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PEP and Sanctions

Semantic Search

Base Linguistics

3rd Party Risk Intelligence

Name Screening and Background Checks

Our 3rd party risk intelligence offering is built on powerful modules that deliver precise hits and relevant client background knowledge for screening and compliance checks from any structured or unstructured data source.

Our technologies combine innovative algorithms, language, culture and ethnicity identifiers with machine learning (AI) in a specialised hybrid approach for unmatched accuracy. Background checks additionally apply language processing, identity matching and semantic search capabilities. Entity extraction and link-analysis help to assess the meaning and value of a found document.

Our modules are available stand-alone or aggregated in KYC/2; Compliance and fraud detection use cases include:

  • Screening of new and existing customers against sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media data; initially in the account opening process, periodically and with automated ongoing monitoring.
  • Full automation of these KYC screening and monitoring processes to reduce your workload
  • Matching of names, organizations, locations, vessels, etc. with the aim of not missing any matches and reducing the number of false positives
  • Automated search of relevant, corroborating documents on your client relationships on specific topics
  • Dynamic, continuous updating of the client risk rating
  • Complete audit to track your decisions at any time

I-match high precision name matching

I-Match is a NextGen, AI based matching engine, available stand-alone for name and transaction screening or integrated in IMTF’s KYC/2 product.

 The newly launched version of I-match is a hybrid solution, blending a wide range of advanced data science matching algorithms and machine learning (AI) to achieve unsurpassed precision for any name worldwide. I-match is unrivalled in its ability to determine identity, cope with spelling mistakes, aliases, nicknames, semantically similar names, etc. and understands 20 languages including Chinese.

 IMTF’s technology reduces false positives dramatically and is preventing false negative errors. It supports all aspects of compliance and fraud management, from payments to securities trading, continuous updating of your KYC profiles to complex behavior patterns and risk analysis.

 I-match also delivers the documentation explaining your algorithm-based decisions to regulators through articulated detection scenarios, underlying assumptions, variables, and thresholds.

 Ease of use, quick deployment, adaptability and scalability are further strengths of the solution.

Find-it automated Background Searches

Find-it enables multilingual, semantic and aggregated searches across any source (web, news providers, adverse media, etc.). The solution automates background checks (Enhanced Customer Due Diligence) by specifically searching for documents on entered topics (Source of Wealth, Crime, Reputation) for your customers. The semantic highlighting and consolidation of results significantly reduces the time required for qualification and decision-making. Find-it replaces and automates “googling” and ensures consistency. Alerts are more precise and go beyond keywords because Find-it understands your intent and the contextual meaning of the search terms.

IMTF’s Complete RegTech Platform

Speed up your compliance investigations & reviews, manage and reduce risks and adapt faster to changing regulations by automating KYC, 3rd Party Risk Intelligence, Due Diligence, AML, Identity Resolution, Anti-Fraud and more with IMTF’s complete RegTech Platform.