Text Analytics Fundamentals

PEP and Sanctions

Semantic Search

Base Linguistics

3rd Party Risk Intelligence

Name Screening, Open Source Intelligence, Text Analytics

Our 3rd party risk intelligence concept builds on a flexible and powerful platform to search and discover precise answers from any structured and unstructured data source.

The IMTF technology blends in a unique, hybrid approach multiple algorithms, ethnicity identification and text analytics fundamentals with machine learning (AI) to achieve unmatched precision and recall. It includes language processing, powerful identity resolution and  semantic search capabilities. Entity linking and entity extraction help to find the meaning and value of a document.

Use cases include Anti Financial Crime applications as watchlist screening, transaction monitoring and sanctions screening. With this platform from IMTF, you can:

  • Screen customers, customer files and financial transactions against your collection of sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), adverse media, and enforcement data
  • Search across multiple languages
  • Flag your high risk customers, accounts and transactions
  • Reduce false positives – never miss a match
  • Improve and automate your screening processes – increase productivity
  • Enjoy precise access to corroborative data & documents
  • Protect yourself with a complete audit trail

The platform capabilities are the result of the combination and consolidation of IMTF’s core technologies I-match and Find-it. They are available as individual components or integrated in ICOS/2 or KYC/2.

I-match – Base Technology for Compliance & Fraud Management

IMTF’s I-Match technology supports all aspects of compliance and fraud management, from payments to securities trading, continuous updating of your KYC profiles to complex behavior patterns and risk analysis.

I-match blends a wide range of matching algorithms with cultural/linguistic context (ethnicity) and machine learning (AI). It is the 2nd  generation tool that achieves unsurpassed precision for any name worldwide. I-match is unrivalled in its ability to determine identity, cope with spelling mistakes, aliases, nicknames, semantically similar names, etc. and understands 20 languages including Chinese.

Machine learning helps to always find the optimal balance between operational and regulatory risks.

I-match is the tool to meet all regulatory requirements and to digitize and automate compliance and fraud management. I-match is proprietary IMTF software integrated in IMTF’s platforms KYC/2, ICOS/2, ACM or available as an integratable service for name matching, ID resolution, translations, relationship extraction and more base linguistic requirements.

Find-it – Open Source Intelligence / Text Analytics

Find-it allows multilingual, semantic and federated searches through any available source (web, global news, adverse media, etc.). It automates enhanced customer due diligence by following consistently searcher’s intent and topics. Semantic highlighting and consolidation reduce the time to qualify the search results dramatically. It perfectly complements the screening for enhanced due diligence. Alerts are more accurate and go beyond keywords by understanding your intent and the search terms contextual meaning.

IMTF’s Complete RegTech Platform

Speed up your compliance investigations & reviews, manage and reduce risks and adapt faster to changing regulations by automating KYC, 3rd Party Risk Intelligence, Due Diligence, AML, Identity Resolution, Anti-Fraud and more with IMTF’s complete RegTech Platform.