IMTF launched a new version of its successful Screening & Identity Matching solution I-match

byMaud Vonlanthen on 20 May. 2021

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Fribourg, 18 May 2021 – The Swiss Regtech company launched a new version of the NextGen AI-based matching engine I-match enabling financial institutions worldwide to enhance the overall performance of their compliance efforts.


The newly launched version of IMTF’s I-match solution provides compliance officers with a powerful platform for batch and real-time screening & filtering of names with the highest precision against any structured and unstructured data source. The application features a best-in-class User Interface to maximize alert resolution efficiency, the ability to map complex processes and extensive documentation options. Furthermore, the new version considerably enhances its performance, allowing for high throughputs.

Regulators often require compliance officers to incorporate additional screening obligations, from screening against wider list criteria, broadening of matching rules to implementing a more comprehensive screening during onboarding.

Apart from the flexibility of their AML systems, compliance officers also struggle to implement these changes within tight timescales enforced. They need to understand how these changes will impact their match rate and overall alert volume on their already over-burdened compliance workforce.

I-match takes an evolutionary step in matching technology and provides even more granular coverage, functionality, and explainability to facilitate a regulatory audit and incorporate feedback. It puts total control into the hands of compliance professionals to apply different matching rules by risk level, internal and/or external data sources to truly enable a risk-based approach.

IMTF’s technology will affect your match rate positively and user-driven, configurable dashboards for managing your screening activities are increasing the efficiency of alert handling.


Key value proposition of our Next Gen I-match tool:

  • Improved ease of use, adjustments and fine-tuning capabilities

  • Quick deployment and integration options, including scalability to support large volumes

  • Configurable and easy adaptation to the changing requirements of the various regulatory bodies AI model calibration to your data typology and types of named-entities

  • Documentation explaining your algorithm-based decisions to regulators through articulated detection scenarios, underlying assumptions, variables, and thresholds

  • Advanced data science algorithms considering culture, ethnicity and language, including a newly launched component to support Chinese characters Scalability to enable high throughput of transactions at very low latency For more information about this groundbreaking AML technology kindly contact us


About IMTF

IMTF group is a Swiss regulatory technology (Regtech) company headquartered in Givisiez/Switzerland, which provides the modular IMTF RegTech platform, a suite of software solutions for digital efficiency and compliance (CLM, Document- and Folder Management, 3rd party risk intelligence, KYC automation and more)

IMTF operates globally and combines industry-leading regulatory knowledge with Software Development capabilities for leading edge solutions for banks, asset managers and insurers


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