IMTF RegTech Platform

Modular Solution to Regulatory Needs

Adapt faster to changing regulations

Modular Solution to Regulatory Needs

Simplify and speed up compliance

Automate Due Diligence, KYC, AML & Anti-Fraud

Monitor your transactions in real-time

Fight Financial Crime with IMTF’s RegTech Platform

Globally, compliance regulations, policies & procedures have become increasingly important to prevent money laundering, fraud, and tax evasion. IMTF’s RegTech platform aims to simplify and speed up compliance and release of regulatory requirements linked to Name Screening, KYC,  Enhanced Due Diligence, Client Lifecycle Management (CLM), tax compliance and Transaction Monitoring.

This highly modular platform is the result of convergence of compliance and technology and improves your agility to adapt to changing regulations.

Adaptive Case Manager

IMTF’s Adaptive Case Manager (ACM) automates simple to complex, structured or ad-hoc processes to get work done efficiently and effectively. It empowers and guides work intelligently, allowing to assign tasks dynamically to anyone working inside or outside your organization.

Integrated with our RegTech modules, which generate alerts and detect incidents, the ACM is uniquely suited to leverage investigations, solutions and reviews. It provides users with a holistic picture of all available contextual data and documents, manages prioritization and automates investigative and approval workload. IMTF’s case manager interlinks activities, stakeholders, reference data & documents to enrich the incidents. Questionnaires enforce and validate data and document entries (evidence collection). Actions may be assigned to individuals or roles, deadlines are reminded, escalation is risk-based and automated.

ACM reporting proactively provides management oversights and operational reports. “Out-of-the-box” use cases are also available for key processes such as Onboarding (see ICOS/2), Mortgage Origination, underwriting, credit processing, KYC review, and more.


KYC/2: Complete KYC

KYC/2 automatise toutes les tâches et les processus KYC, depuis l’entré en relation à la revue jusqu’ à clôture de la relation. Son moteur de règles identifie les réglementations pertinentes et détermine les données et documents requis. Il vous permet de vérifier l’identité de vos clients et d’évaluer leur suitability et les risques qu’ils présentent.  KYC/2 contient aussi la technologie performante I-match pour le filtrage des noms contre toutes sources. Une deuxième technologie, Find-it, automatise vos recherches contextuelles sur vos clients. I-match et Find-it sont des recherches agrégées multilingues sur toute liste (WorldCheck, …) et toute information et donnée de source ouverte et sur les documents filter relatifs à vos intentions de sanctions, de PPE, de crime, de source de richesse et autres. KYC/2 contiens des fonctions exceptionnelles d’extraction de relations et d’analyse sémantique et consolide les résultats pour les décisions automatisées.

Avec KYC/2, vous pouvez mettre en œuvre une approche de KYC basée sur les règles et les risques et automatiser les processus de notation des risques. KYC/2 permet de prendre des décisions fondées sur le risque pour soutenir le traitement direct. Grâce à une puissante couche d’intégration, KYC/2 peut facilement traiter les données provenant de tout autre système pour fournir une évaluation complète et en temps réel du risque du client, basée sur tous les critères disponibles.

ICOS/2: Onboarding and CLM

ICOS/2 offers a fully digitized Onboarding/CLM experience, enabling Financial Service Providers to innovate and harmonize sales processes. This modular solution allows you to approach customers anywhere with an unrivalled journey, and to increase the efficiency of your associated front and back office processes. ICOS/2 facilitates identical services in your digital bank as well as in your branch offices and enables you to offer completely digital account opening from any device.

Automated KYC, AML & Tax Compliance, suitability and cross-border management are completely integrated. IMTF delivers concept, technology and all (regulatory) content with automated updates. ICOS/2 efficiently manages all CLM requirements including regular, ad-hoc and event-triggered reviews, data refreshes and ongoing due diligence.

Transaction Sanction Screening

With its new generation business rules and multi-algorithm matching engine to guarantee optimal detection and the lowest possible rate of false positives, this module offers all the features to ensure highly efficient real-time (payment) transactions (e.g., Swift, SEPA, other) screening against sanctions, watchlists and other regulatory risks.

Multi-Channel Fraud

This module is a powerful real-time, cross-channel solution focusing on detecting and preventing fraud in monetary and non-monetary transactions.

SWIFT Fraud Detection & Prevention

This module is designed for a holistic approach as it interfaces with both the Core Banking System and the SWIFT Gateway in real-time. SWIFT and other payment messages are parsed and their content is compared with the transaction registered in the Core Banking System.

AML Transaction Monitoring

To detect potential money laundering activities, this module combines a risk-based approach with the most effective analytics such as rule-based data mining, behaviour recognition, and link analysis. It comes with “Out-of-the-box” models and standardized processes to automate and reduce alerts to those with the highest relevance.

The AML Behaviour Monitoring module provides compliance departments with full control over the scoring process and investigations. It is a highly flexible, scalable and quickly adaptable application, suitable for any size of organization and industry (banking, securities, insurance).

"IMTF's RegTech platform is unique as it allows you to start with any module, and add modules as your financial crime prevention needs to expand. The Adaptive Case Manager thereby ensures integration and ease of use, so that you can meet regulatory requirements, continue your digital transformation, and contribute to your bottom line."

– Gion-Andri Büsser

Michel Poss