Regulatory reporting

Automate regulatory reporting and save on manual processing time

Fully integrated and flexible reporting module that let’s you automate the report creation process.


IMTF Regulatory Reporting Module

Stop wasting manual work on collecting data points for reporting purposes when you can focus on the actual financial suspicion.

Our fully automated and integrated reporting solution is built for complex reporting formats like suspicious transactions with multiple parties or suspicious activities which require datapoints to be aggregated and consolidated from a multitude of source systems.

Product features 


Integrated solution

A report requires datapoints from a multitude of source systems. Our data-first approach allows you to take advantage of all data already managed and stored in the bank, even data manually entered for previous reports; Save time, manual effort and reduce data pasting errors


A good report can rarely be done by just one person. Collaborate on important submissions within your team. Digital efficiency to make your daily life more efficient!


Supported Uses Cases


Compliance Alert & Case Management

Current Compliance Solution landscapes are heterogeneous, only providing a siloed view on the individual matter at hindering teams to work together. 

We can solve that - our Compliance Case Manager is a unified and modern platform for all your teams to collaborate on and qualify individual RegTech alerts. It allows to summarize and centralize all your compliance matters, from Fraud alerts to KYC reviews, screening results as well as TSS alerts, and provides a comprehensive profile of your client.

  • One tool to work on all compliance-related alerts and cases

  • Customer-centric customer profiles to provide context to your investigations

  • AI-based “intelligence” to assist your teams to perform qualification more efficiently

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