Adverse Media Search

Adverse Media Search

Enhance your customer CDD/EDD with relevant contextual information

Automated, smart, semantic and federated search and filtering across the web, in real-time. Whether you are looking for adverse media or “positive" media, our solution allows to provide additional context to your search.


IMTF Adverse Media Module

The IMTF Background search module helps to automate customer due diligence and other investigative processes and ensures that you stay ahead of the ever-growing volume of information.

With this module, you can add structure to unstructured data and save time! Thanks to highlighted key information, people, locations, or organisations are easier to find.

Product features


Searcher’s Intent

This module allows targeted searches with regard to the searcher’s intent, allowing you to build a client DD records around specific topics like Source of Wealth, Ultimate Beneficial Owners, Crime, etc.

Being a software specialist also allows us to be independent of your data sources - whether you would like to smartly search the web or search your existing adverse media databases, we have you covered!

Consolidated, Semantically Enriched Results

Results of searches are automatically consolidated, duplicates merged (e.g., web articles) and all results are sorted by a consistent relevance ranking. Locations, persons, and organisations mentioned in theses documents are detected and highlighted, readily available for assessment, evaluation & qualification, and decision.


Traceability and consistency

Are you sure that each of your clients is being screened and investigated in the same manner?

Our solution ensures traceability and historization of all searches, which not only prepares you for regulatory reviews later down the line but also ensures search consistency across all data sources.

Supported Use Cases


Digital Onboarding for Wealth Managers

We digitize and automate the client onboarding process for some of the biggest names in the industry. Our software suite helps you to capture the required and relevant client data and - more importantly - orchestrates the complex process inside the bank.

  • Significantly reduce the time to onboard new clients and increase your client experience

  • Automate repetitive tasks to reduce manual work and human error

  • Contextualize complicated workflows - no one onboarding is the same

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