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Document Management & Archiving

HYPERSUITE digital and collaborative document platform

A document and process digitalization platform to help you digitize all your documents, automate decisions and streamline end-to-end processes.







IMTF eFolder convinces with a very simple and user-friendly interface. The implementation of a digital folder is very successful and greatly simplifies the process.

Marcel Leuzinger

Credit Control Team Lead, GLKB Bank


IMTF eFolder

Our award-winning document management solution is making it easy to organize, process, share and govern all your files and information in electronic folders. IMTF eFolder can store any type of file and guides the user in storing the documents in an organized and structured manner. Complex hierarchies can be easily mapped with the aim to support your way of working.

This tool is designed to help you collaborate more efficiently, work with documents, keep legal history of all changes, and find any information instantly, respecting user rights and permissions.

IMTF's document management solution also includes a legal archive to store documents in a compliant manner according to Swiss and international law. For thirty years, the Hypersuite archival solution is the leading and most trusted digital archive for Swiss Banks, storing billions of documents in a safe and compliant manner.

Product features


Move any paper into your own Cloud

Whatever you used to do on paper, you can also do with the eFolder Manager: highlight text passages, add notes, text signatures or images, split documents, add/delete/move or rotate pages, and collaborate in multiple ways. THE solution to build your paperless office!

Access Control, Versioning & Collaboration

IMTF eFolder Manager includes highly granular permission management capabilities to ensure that client data stays confidential, even within your own organization. Powerful features allow you to collaborate on documents, perform reviews, roll back to earlier versions and much more! All actions are monitored and logged for audit and compliance purposes.


Automation & Integration

To enable a more efficient workplace, the eFolder Manager allows you to automate repetitive processes and create notifications - for example when a document has expired. Modern APIs or message queues enable seamless integration with your existing infrastructure and application landscape.

IMTF e-folder brochure

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Sample Use Case


Mailroom Automation

Automate your mailroom processes – from the arrival of physical mail to your doorstep to digital treatment, archival and deletion.

Physical mail needs to get stamped and tagged upon arrival, routed to the correct team and person. Documents then get annotated, changed, commented on, moved to a colleague for review or signature; new tasks and processes then get created and executed - we can help you do all that digitally!

  • Increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and process steps

  • Move towards a paperless office - every action is documented and historized, better collaboration on documents, less risk

  • Multi-channel: Capture files from any source & of any format, transform it, summarize and more…

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