Risk Scoring

Risk Scoring

Next generation client risk calculation

Contextual, real-time and ML-enabled client risk calculation to ensure you have an accurate view of your client base.

Client risk is much more than the risk of nationality or residency; we look at behavioural risk aspects from transactions, on profile-based risk ratings when bringing in context from other clients and much more - the IMTF tooling can help me get that consolidated view and act on insights.

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IMTF Risk Scoring Module

The IMTF Risk calculation solution is built to provide you a never-achieved accuracy in calculating client risk, reducing your overall business risk and most importantly saving you valuable manual time in reviewing misclassified customers. 

Product features 


Dynamic risk drivers, AI-augmented

The multi-variable and consolidated risk scoring builds on both static KYC data (e.g., traditional risk drivers like nationality and country or residents) and more compliance-driven “dynamic” drivers such as data completeness, historical transactional behaviour, outcomes of previous compliance investigations and more. An additional AI layer will detect outliers and enhance the behavioral component of the score.

Risk category federation

When using the risk calculation engine in conjunction with other IMTF compliance modules, the “dynamic” nature of risk ratings can be used for profiling, compliance scenarios or fraud controls. This means that you can target and specify your fraud, client due diligence and transaction monitoring strategy even better, resulting in fewer false positives


Collaborative Risk Treatment

A native integration with our Compliance Case Manager allows you to efficiently treat risk changes within your organization; whether you want to treat risk confirmation cases by severity, involve different teams based on client nationality or more complex routings, we have you covered.

Supported Use Cases


Comprehensive CDD/EDD and Risk Calculation

Our KYC platform automates and handles all major KYC tasks and processes, from capturing data for account opening, to screening and evidence collection for your EDD report to calculating client risk, taking into account various attributes and drivers.

  • One tool to manage compliance topics for Front Office and Back Office

  • Case Management to orchestrate different client contexts between all teams

  • Comprehensive risk calculation using static as well as dynamic datapoints

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