Document Management and Digitalization Use Cases

Let us help you digitise your internal processes and maximise your operational efficiency. Our award-winning document management and archiving solution helps you organise your files, access and share information between your teams, and manage your processes more efficiently.


Mailroom Automation

Automate your mailroom processes – from the arrival of physical mail to your doorstep to digital treatment, archival and deletion.

Physical mail needs to get stamped and tagged upon arrival, routed to the correct team and person. Documents then get annotated, changed, commented on, moved to a colleague for review or signature; new tasks and processes then get created and executed - we can help you do all that digitally!

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Increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and process steps

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Move towards a paperless office - every action is documented and historized, better collaboration on documents, less risk

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Multi-channel: Capture files from any source & of any format, transform it, summarize and more…

Payment Capture Automation

Digitization and Automation of physical documents and processes has been one of our core pillars since our inception: payment capturing and smart recognition and routing is no different.

Our ZV/2 solution automatically recognizes different types of payment slips, can process those payments and then routes them to the right processor system.

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Eliminate manual work by automating payment detail capturing

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Ensure your institution is prepared for the move towards QR-Code payment bills

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Integrate seamlessly with other IMTF products, and through modern REST APIs to any other system


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