Compliance-related Use Cases

We don‘t believe in Big Bang approaches, which is why we offer best-in-class modular solutions that allow you to start small, and build out your compliance landscape iteratively. We pride ourselves to have best-in-class modules, from Name screening to Fraud detection to help your compliance teams to become more efficient.

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Reduce your manual work with AI-enabled modules that significantly reduce false positives

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Unlimited peace of mind, knowing that you have compliance software that does your job even when you are not there

Digital Onboarding for Wealth Managers

We digitize and automate the client onboarding process for some of the biggest names in the industry. 

Our software suite helps you to capture the required and relevant client data and - more importantly - orchestrates the complex process inside the bank.

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Significantly reduce the time to onboard new clients and increase your client experience

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Automate repetitive tasks to reduce manual work and human error

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Contextualize complicated workflows - no one onboarding is the same


Compliance Alert & Case Management

Current Compliance Solution landscapes are heterogeneous, only providing a siloed view on the individual matter at hindering teams to work together. 

We can solve that - our Compliance Case Manager is a unified and modern platform for all your teams to collaborate on and qualify individual RegTech alerts. It allows to summarize and centralize all your compliance matters, from Fraud alerts to KYC reviews, screening results as well as TSS alerts, and provides a comprehensive profile of your client.

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One tool to work on all compliance-related alerts and cases

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Customer-centric customer profiles to provide context to your investigations

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AI-based “intelligence” to assist your teams to perform qualification more efficiently

Comprehensive CDD/EDD and Risk Calculation

Our KYC platform automates and handles all major KYC tasks and processes, from capturing data for account opening, to screening and evidence collection for your EDD report to calculating client risk, taking into account various attributes and drivers.

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One tool to manage compliance topics for Front Office and Back Office

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Case Management to orchestrate different client contexts between all teams

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Comprehensive risk calculation using static as well as dynamic datapoints


AML for Crypto

Are you interested to understand your banks exposure to Crypto Currency? Do you know how many clients are buying, trading or selling crypto currencies? Are you aware of the risk associated with a specific crypt-transaction? We can help and have a solution for just that!

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