Enterprise Fraud Prevention Solution

Payment Fraud

Enterprise Fraud Prevention Solution

Your customers are using more channels and demanding more services while criminals are evolving and seeking to exploit your weakest link. At the same time, regulators are increasing their focus on cybersecurity, as well as fraud operations models. These constantly evolving market trends require you to adapt and respond quickly and our market-leading Fraud & Cybercrime Management solution enables you to deliver real-time, customer-centric prevention. The IMTF Fraud Prevention Solution (IFPS) provides effective enterprise-wide management of fraud threats and cyber attacks, to help you increase operational efficiency while reducing your losses and reputational damage.

Digital Banking Fraud

Your customers demand faster transaction and payment times, but you are fearful of fraudsters who exploit vulnerabilities created by the evolving digital banking environment.  Implementing multiple systems designed to fight aspects of fraud can, in turn, lead to more challenges than just fraud losses, including operational inefficiencies, inconsistent decision making, technology adoption challenges and customer disruption.

Internal Threats

Financial loss and reputational damage from negative employee activity represent a threat. Identify employee collusion, fraud, and non-compliant behaviors and then build appropriate investigation cases against employees while ensuring effective asset protection for the bank and your customers.

Payment Fraud

Banking environments vary and the ability for you to solve fraud problems is specific to the payment types your institution offers. Our Payment Fraud offerings have been developed to protect any payment type such as: SWIFT/Wire, Faster Payments, BACS SEPA payments, ATM/debit transactions, ACH/bulk payments, bill payments, P2P/email payments, checks and various forms of domestic transfer available in various markets.

Card Fraud

Regardless of whether it’s an established or an emerging payment type that you are trying to protect, we help you gain a holistic view of the customer, drive operational efficiency, and gain richer decision making to improve customer satisfaction without sacrificing fraud protection.

Our Enterprise Fraud Prevention Solution encompasses all customer- and product-related risks and creates adequate business- and customer-related security systems.

Alerts are immediately forwarded to the Case Management.

Integrated graphical management cockpits grant an overall view on the risk situation.

Product Features

What IMTF Enterprise Fraud Prevention Solutions offer:

Standard modules 

Easy integration with all banking systems (Core, CRM, HR, etc.) through standardized data interfaces


Coverage of all statutory requirements such as KYC / Customer Due Diligence

100% audit-proof / full audit trail

Full check of account holders, contracts, payments, and other events (e.g. frequent change of address)

Best-practice scenarios from a large number of customer installations


Multi-client/lingual user interfaces


Rule editor for flexible adjustment and extension of check scenarios and risk classifications in a user interface

Digital Banking Fraud

IMTF’s Web & Mobile Fraud Detection module helps to detect and prevent the full range of attack vectors – including phishing and malware that target end users and account takeovers perpetrated by criminals – responsible for the majority of online, mobile and cross-channel fraud.

Card Fraud

The IMTF Card Fraud solution provides robust fraud prevention and Case Management capabilities for card issuers, acquirers, processors and retailers across all card products.

  • Uniquely processes high-volumes of transactions in real-time to accurately and efficiently prevent fraudulent card transactions.
  • Leverages consortium-based analytical models to detect twice as much fraud, according to client benchmarks.
  • Instantly modify fraud scenarios to adapt to customer needs – such as restricting activity types, addressing travel notifications or approving a one-time high value purchase – to prevent fraud strategies from executing on expected patterns of behavior.
  • Leverage multi-entity behavioral profiling and predictive calculated variables to significantly reduce false positive rates and provide a high level of early anomaly detection.
  • Streamline all aspects of fraud investigations with proven workflow and investigative capabilities via a single user-friendly interface for managing alerts, case development, investigations, chargebacks, regulatory reporting (e.g. SAFE, FRS), loss management, oversight, and more.
  • Create fraud, rule performance and operational performance metrics with simple drop-down menu/plain language query capabilities ensuring complete access to comprehensive management information and business intelligence for any given period of time.

Payment Fraud

The Commercial Banking solution detects and prevents commercial payments fraud with high-volume, real-time, cross-channel transaction monitoring, alerting and blocking:

  • Improve fraud detection with analytical models specifically designed to handle the behavioral profiling challenges of commercial and wholesale payments. Achieve high levels of fraud detection accuracy while maintaining throughput performance with the proven capability to process hundreds of transactions per second.
  • Process 100% of transactions in real time to meet emerging requirements for real-time money transfers such as the UK’s Faster Payments initiative. Block fraudulent transactions in real time and stop losses before they occur.
  • Deploy rapidly and detect fraud immediately with pre-built connectors to major payment systems such as SWIFT. Customize out-of-the-box detection models and workflows and create new policy rules without IT involvement, to address evolving needs and minimize maintenance costs. Realize a quick return on investment as proven by one client that achieved full ROI in less than 3 months.

Internal Threats / Employee Surveillance

The IMTF Employee Fraud solution offers comprehensive coverage for all common Employee Fraud problems such as policy violations, embezzlement, theft of customer or bank assets and / or theft of customer data.

  • Monitor employees, accounts, and transactions in real-time and apply profiles at multiple levels (employee, account, transaction and more) to optimize fraud detection. Identify fraud attacks on banking clients from individual or rings of employees.
  • Advanced phase-based analytics generate a smaller number of high-value alerts and lower false positives ensuring investigators focus on highest risk activities without creating a regulatory or operational burden caused by too many alerts.
  • Automate and support the entire fraud management process from detection and alert review to investigation, resolution and oversight. Establish the required records for case resolution and/or prosecution with transaction-level auditing and customizable documentation capabilities.
  • Leverage web-based tools and an open technology platform to add or modify detection logic and create new policy rules, keeping pace with evolving business and regulatory needs. (Achieve compliance with OOC, SEC, FSA and other national, regional or global regulatory authorities and regulations.)

Our Fraud Prevention Solutions allow all relevant business units to act swiftly, independently, and:

Maintain central control for coordination and collaboration

Leverage existing infrastructure

Fast turnaround times for responding to new fraud types

Empower fraud management group and reduce reliance on IT

"IMTF Enterprise Fraud Prevention Solutions combine sophisticated data mining techniques, complex event processing, correlations and endpoint cyber-attack protection. Fraudulent and suspicious behavior patterns of both clients and employees are analyzed in real-time. The monitoring of internal and external activities allows a comprehensive detection of fraud. Our complete and comprehensive end-to-end solutions help organizations cope with fraud risk and reduce revenue losses."

– Valeriy Voditchenski