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byMaud Vonlanthen on 06 Jul. 2021

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  • IMTF announces the appointment of Gion-Andri Büsser as new CEO with immediate effect.

  • IMTF’s Founder Mark Büsser has decided to step down as CEO.  He will remain with the company as Chairman of the Board, Key Account Manager and Advisor.

  • Gion-Andri Büsser, the son of Mark Büsser, will drive IMTF's growth strategy globally and further strengthen its RegTech and Process Automation products, delivering enhanced benefits to both Compliance and Operations functions of Financial Service Providers.


FRIBOURG, Switzerland, July 6, 2021 - Mark Büsser is stepping down as CEO as of today. He founded IMTF in 1987 and assumed the CEO role ever since. Armed with 35 years of experience in developing (financial) technology companies, he transformed IMTF from a founder-driven firm to a mature, scalable business. Following his personal decision to withdraw from the CEO role, he will focus on interacting with existing and prospective clients of IMTF as well as the role of President of the Board. 


From July 6, 2021, Gion-Andri Büsser, current Group Chief Product Officer and member of the Executive Board, is the new CEO of IMTF group. The generation change initiated 3 years ago is thus taking shape and ensuring leadership and value continuity.

Gion-Andri brings a wealth of relevant experiences and a solid education (MSc ETH and an MBA from Columbia). He started his career with McKinsey focusing on digital transformation projects for banks and insurance companies. His experience at Google has also given him a strong understanding of Tech Product development - learnings that fits perfectly with IMTF's fast-paced environment.

IMTF will pursue its growth strategy, accelerating the digital transformation of financial service providers and responding to the global demand for Compliance and anti-fraud automation solutions.

The company continues to invest in its leading RegTech platform and will further scale the recently launched products – IMTF KYC/2 and ICOS/2, including advanced name-screening and identity verification. These award-winning solutions form the cornerstone of a product offering, helping banks satisfy client, regulatory and efficiency needs. As client and employee expectations increase, IMTF is setting financial industry standards with easy-to-use systems that minimize manual work and deliver unrivalled precision, reliability and automation. It is helping to stay compliant and empower the financial sector by automating operations through scalable solutions and leading cloud-based software delivered “as a Service”.


 Mark Büsser, CEO of IMTF, said:

“First and foremost, I would like to thank all IMTF employees for their dedication and hard work not only during this past year, which was an exceptional one in many ways, but also during 34 prior years, which laid the foundation of where we are today. I started the story of IMTF and I enjoyed every day since. IMTF is the kind of company with the ability to reinvent itself constantly, which carried us through 34 years successfully. However, I have now come to a point in my life where it is time to reinvent myself, too. I will remain dedicated to IMTF to continue its growth, and look forward to spending more time with existing and future clients, which is my passion.”

Gion-Andri Büsser, Group Chief Product Officer and new CEO of IMTF, said: 

“I am very much looking forward to advancing a new era of IMTF. I feel very honoured to lead our family company and to strive for another level of expansion - strong, reliable and at the cutting-edge technology delivering solutions of high customer value. Not long ago, IMTF successfully launched its RegTech platform. I will focus on providing banks with access to these innovative solutions so they can deliver exceptional digital efficiency and compliance. I also look forward to driving innovation across the whole organization, including client-facing functions, internal operations and finance. My goal is to develop where my father laid the foundation for transforming IMTF into a truly agile organization, bringing the full architecture with latest cloud technology. I am very excited about the next chapter in IMTF’s history as it will be one of accelerated growth and unequivocal focus on client-centricity.”


About IMTF

IMTF group in 1987 has been the first FinTech in Switzerland and was able to successfully establish itself worldwide and grow continuously. It is headquartered in Switzerland and provides the modular IMTF RegTech platform, a suite of software solutions for digital efficiency and compliance (Client Lifecycle Management, Document- and Folder Management, 3rd party risk intelligence, KYC automation and more).

IMTF operates globally and combines industry-leading regulatory knowledge with Software Development capabilities for leading edge solutions for banks, asset managers and insurers


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