IMTF named to the coveted FinCrimeTech50 list, recognising the best innovators in financial crime prevention

byMaud Vonlanthen on 08 May. 2024

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IMTF is proud to announce its inclusion in the prestigious FinCrimeTech50 list by FinTech Global, honoring the top innovators combating money laundering, fraud, and financial crime within the financial services industry.


In an era of evolving geopolitical and economic challenges, financial crime prevention teams face mounting pressures. Rapid updates to PEPs and sanctions lists, the complexity introduced by real-time payments, and the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) by both criminals and professionals necessitate innovative solutions to combat financial crime effectively.

As a global leader in advanced compliance solutions, IMTF empowers financial institutions worldwide to make real-time, AI-based decisions in the fight against financial crime. Our comprehensive platforms leverage cutting-edge technologies such as adaptive profiling, machine learning, and globally proven models to streamline compliance processes and enhance risk management practices.

The FinCrimeTech50 accolade underscores IMTF's commitment to developing pioneering RegTech solutions that address the evolving challenges of financial crime prevention. Selected by a distinguished panel of analysts and industry experts, IMTF stands out as a trend-setter in the anti-financial crime and financial fraud prevention space, supporting businesses in developing robust financial crime risk management strategies.

FinTech Global director Richard Sachar said:

“As global financial crime trends continue to rise, compliance teams face growing datasets that outpace traditional tools. Given this pressure financial institutions are increasingly turning to AI to improve their fraud prevention, biometrics, risk management tools, process automation, and data analytics.

The FinCrimeTech50 list will help senior compliance professionals filter through all the solution providers in the market by highlighting the tech leaders in the market who can help financial institutions stay ahead of fraudsters and criminals in 2024 and beyond.”

IMTF's inclusion in the FinCrimeTech50 list reaffirms our position as a leader in leveraging AI to empower financial institutions to stay ahead of fraudsters and criminals in 2024 and beyond. For further information on IMTF's pioneering solutions, visit the Siron®One page.

To explore the complete list of FinCrimeTech50 honorees and download additional company information at


With the link below, you can download Dr. Sebastian Hetzler's interview with Fintech Global, where he explains how IMTF emerged as a leader in financial crime solutions through innovative technologies and a holistic approach to compliance. The article also covers IMTF's future plans, including advances in AI, enhanced user experience, or how IMTF is tackling challenges such as sanctions evasion.

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