Powerful image editing capabilities built into IMTF's digitalization platform

byMaud Vonlanthen on 05 Oct. 2022

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Images and Photographs take over the world - even in financial services. Throughout the lifecycle of servicing clients, documents such as ID cards, passports, etc. are scanned, uploaded or photographed. Despite all the care, scans or photos sometimes lack quality and need post-processing to be refined or corrected. Our fully integrated features now help you improve, change, crop and improve your images directly from within our digitalisation solutions.


Key features:


IMTF's image editing capabilities provide bank users with a vast variety of post-editing capabilities seamlessly integrated into the day-to-day document management process, including:

  • cropping

  • rotating/flipping

  • annotating

  • changing luminosity and contrast

  • watermarking

  • censoring

  • and many more!

A concrete use case:


Eva is a client relationship manager at a local bank. With IMTF's digitalization platform, she can easily onboard new customers:

  1. Eva is guided through all required tasks of the onboarding process, filling in all the required information without missing any critical step

  2. She can take pictures of her clients' documents, passport, ID card, etc. using her tablet, and upload them directly to the client dossier on the IMTF platform

  3. After her clients leave, Eva can double-check their dossier on her laptop at her desk and finalize the onboarding process

  4. and, in doing so, if she realises that the picture ID is mis-framed or too dark, she can use the image editing capabilities directly in the IMTF platform to correct the issues. This saves her from using an external non-compliant tool and wasting valuable time manoeuvring the file back and forth or, worse, having to ask her client to come back to the office to take a new photo.

  5. Eva can close the client onboarding process and get on with her day. It's that easy!


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