Introducing the IMTF online campus: a conversation with Sandro Pelaez

byMaud Vonlanthen on 29 Sep. 2023

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In this interview, we spoke to Sandro Pelaez, Head of Product at IMTF, to find out more about the vision and goals of the IMTF Online Campus and how it enables our partners and customers to get the most out of our anti-financial crime solutions.

  • Hi Sandro, could you please introduce IMTF Campus? What is it all about?

"The IMTF Online Campus is our dedicated online platform designed to facilitate self-learning and exploration of our comprehensive anti-financial-crime solutions. It complements other resources, such as classroom training and online documentation, to ensure our partners and customers have a holistic learning experience and can maximize the potential of IMTF’s technology."

  • What are the main objectives and benefits of this tool?

"First of all, it's a self-learning hub, which provides a self-paced environment for partners and customers to become proficient in utilizing IMTF's anti-financial-crime platform. It also enables to acquire in-depth knowledge, offering detailed insights into the capabilities and functionalities of our applications. It contributes to enhanced partnerships by ensuring our stakeholders have the necessary expertise to leverage our solutions effectively.

The cost-efficiency aspect is a big driver as well, as it helps reduce training costs and logistical challenges associated with in-person training. Finally, it's a great opportunity for continuous improvement,by continually updating and enriching the platform's content and keep it aligned with the evolving capabilities of IMTF solutions."

  • What type of content is going to be available there?

"IMTF Campus will host a wide range of content focused on our anti-financial-crime platform, including:
- Courses: comprehensive courses covering the various aspects of IMTF applications and their use cases.
- Interactive demonstrations: hands-on tutorials and interactive simulations to guide users through platform functionalities.
- Certifications: opportunities to earn certifications that validate proficiency in utilizing our anti-financial-crime platform."

  • What are the key milestones of the project?

"The initial platform launch just happened and we've started to introduce fundamental courses and resources on to the platform and testing it with pilot users. The last quarter of 2023 will focus on content expansion of the curriculum to encompass a wider scope of IMTF application capabilities. Beginning of 2024 will be all about integration , fostering active user participation within the platform and incorporating user feedback to refine and improve the learning experience. This will be followed by the global access phase, which will take place in Q2.2024, where we're going to expand the accessibility to ensure partners and customers worldwide can benefit from this self-learning resource."

  • How does it work? How can someone get access to the platform?

"Access to the platform is by registration. Once an account has been created, users gain access to a variety of self-learning resources and can enroll in courses tailored to their specific needs, allowing them to explore IMTF applications at their own pace. Progress is tracked and certifications can be obtained upon successful completion of courses."



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