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Compliance Case Management

Automate and digitize your business processes

IMTF Compliance Case Management solution guides you through complex processes, ensures consistency in managing tasks and enables collaboration across teams.








By using the IMTF Compliance Case Manager, we have reduced the time to complete certain workflows massively! The CCM notifies people responsible for the next step. We were even able to automate some tasks completely. And throughout the whole case, we have complete transparency over where we are in the process at any time.

Head of Compliance of a mid-sized bank


IMTF Compliance Case Manager (CCM)

The IMTF CCM is a case management and decision-making platform that supports your daily work and dynamically adjusts respective tasks and workflows within a case depending on context: every onboarding or alert treatment is - while following the same requirements - different. It combines task-based workflow and process orchestration, integrated document and content management, business rules, and enables collaboration and decision-making between users and software applications.

This is the core module of the IMTF RegTech platform.

Product features



The Case Manager digitizes and automates your internal processes. It improves the efficiency of how your people work together, regardless of internal organizations or external parties involved.


CCM brings together all stakeholders, information, and documents required to accurately guide users through complex processes and workflows across the bank. Tasks are typically requests (for data and documents) or approvals/validations, that can be settled sequentially or in parallel. Multi-entity logs allow for tracking, versioning and historization of all actions.


No code

Our visual approach of using drag & drop allows you to design and edit workflows, tasks, and more. A powerful rule engine orchestrates complex processes and helps you make better decisions!

Platform Approach

The CCM is your own data platform, with multiple add-on modules that you can pick and choose from to extend your use cases; whether you want to create regulatory reports, compliance dashboards, or a better -more comprehensive- view of your customer, we have the right add-on for you!


Sample Use Case


Digital Onboarding for Wealth Managers

We digitize and automate the client onboarding process for some of the biggest names in the industry. Our software suite helps you to capture the required and relevant client data and - more importantly - orchestrates the complex process inside the bank.

  • Significantly reduce the time to onboard new clients and increase your client experience

  • Automate repetitive tasks to reduce manual work and human error

  • Contextualize complicated workflows - no one onboarding is the same

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