Siron Anti-Financial Crime Solutions

Anti-financial crime solution to manage all compliance aspects

The Siron AFCS suite is one of the leading and most widely used platforms to detect financial crime and suspicious activities. IMTF is committed to providing you with the best offering and setup possible for your demographics, your clients and your financial crime strategies, with a significant investment in the product and over 20 years of experience in installing, deploying and hosting Siron solutions. Please contact us for a demo or a first look of the product.

Platform Modules

Siron AML · Anti-Money Laundering

Siron AML is a best-in-class solution to fight Money Laundering with an advanced analytics solution. It allows to identify and report suspicious activities; to better understand customers, relationships, and behavioural changes.

It combines powerful analytics including machine learning (AI) to reduce alerts to those with the highest relevance and allows to automate investigation and decisioning processes with process automation to increase efficiency and lower the costs in AML Compliance. 

Siron AML follows a risk-based approach; it is a highly flexible, scalable and quickly adaptable application and gives compliance complete control over the scoring process. Packaged offerings exist for all types of industries (banking, insurance, securities).

Siron KYC · Know Your Customer

Siron KYC provides Business Partner Due Diligence and complete lifecycle assessment of customer risk as part of your Onboarding process and ongoing customer monitoring. It offers Business Partner Screening (sanction scan / PEP check) and includes dynamic questionnaire capturing, ongoing checks, risk rating and workflow based case management. Watch-list management with standard adapters to all major databases is integrated.

CEB Tower Group appraised this solution with two “Best-in-Class” accolades. It can be extended to ICOS, a fully automated Onboarding solution for guided and structured multi-channel capturing, automated formalities and suitability and risk profiles for each account and service type.

Siron ACM · Alert & Case Manager

The alert and case management module Siron ACM allows compliance officers to handle alerts from the “source systems” Siron AML, Siron KYC and Siron Embargo, and to investigate the details for decision making and file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to the local authorities.

Siron ACM supports this process with integrated workflow and task queuing capabilities.

Siron AML · Watchlist Management

Siron AML includes a true multi-list management for sanction, commercial, internal and other lists. It supports multi-languages as well as multi-alphabet and has pre-built filtering options. Loading and updates run automatically via standard connectors.

Siron Embargo · Sanction Filtering

Siron Embargo is the “sanction filtering” module enabling real-time screening of your SWIFT, SEPA and other payments against multiple watch-lists (OFAC, BoE, UN, World-Check, etc.) ensuring that individuals, groups, and organizations on whom sanctions have been imposed can no longer access financial services, resources or instruments.

Siron RAS · Risk Assessment

Siron RAS is an application for the creation of an institution-specific risk/threat analysis, taking into account the business environment, products, processes, etc.

The functional definition of threats in Siron RAS is based on the requirements of the “guideline for generating a threat analysis/risk analysis” provided by some legal authorities in Europe and supports AML officers with the complete and continuous management of a threat analysis.

Siron TCR · Tax Compliance & Reporting

Siron TCR is the module for a successful & fast implementation of FATCA and OECD CRS tax reporting requirements at banks & insurances. This innovative module integrates seamlessly with your IT environments & helps to comply with IRS FATCA & OECD CRS regulations (Automatic Information Exchange. The reporting component enables secure data transfer to IRS & national tax authorities. The solution builds on several components:

  • Automated identification, classification, and documentation of new and existing customers

  • Customizable Case Management and Workflow

  • Electronic reporting

Siron RCC · Risk & Compliance Cockpit

Siron RCC (Risk and Compliance Cockpit) provides financial institutions and other organizations with a complete company-wide overview of the status and effectiveness of their activities in the fight against financial crime.

It consolidates and visualizes all information necessary in one management cockpit, delivering daily updated data on Compliance and Risk Management activities. It helps determine the current status, shows the need for action, gives users the ability to determine specific key performance indicators (KPIs), monitor them and show the effectiveness of the measures. Sensitive information such as customer data remains on their system of origin, only accumulated information is transferred and visualised in various predefined cockpit templates.

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