Key Benefits

Cost Efficiency

Automate processes and speed up compliance tasks to focus on the core of your business. Our solutions help reduce your costs and avoid financial losses.


Let technology do what it should: more accurate risk and profile calculations to reduce false positives and ensure you get the most accurate KYC picture of your customers.


Modular and scalable software solution: you can start with a module that addresses your biggest pain point and add additional capabilities when the time is right for you.


A modular approach allows you to start with what presses most, and add more solutions later. We have built plug-and-play integrations, allowing you to build your compliance ecosystem at your own pace.

Modern technology and a cloud-native approach to building software allow you to scale your business without performance drawbacks; Innovative deployment and service models - on or off cloud - ensure your data is safe and you can focus on your customers.


No-code: all the way

We want to build software to make you more efficient, which is why we embrace “no-code”. You are able to manage your own configuration without having to write a single line of code.

From activating and configuring new compliance scenarios to building workflows or tasks - everything without having to call us or involve your own IT. Your business and compliance experts can themselves work on advancing your systems, without having to translate everything for IT specialists.

No-code from IMTF means that business departments – for example Compliance – can work in a truly agile mode as well. Adding new processes, modifying workflows or even tasks can be done directly by you in an iterative approach, making you more efficient and most importantly allowing you to really tailor the tool to your needs.


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Platform Modules

Case Management

Automate and Digitize your Business Processes

IMTF’s Compliance Case Manager guides you through complex processes, ensures consistency in managing tasks and enables collaboration across teams.

Anti-money laundering

AML Pattern & Risk Detection Engine

A comprehensive, modular and proven solution to keep up with regulations and prevent money launderers.


SWIFT, Multi-channel, Employee

A real-time, cross-channel solution that supports you in detecting and preventing fraud in monetary transactions and other areas, such as cybercrime, employee surveillance, application and claim.


Watchlist Screening, Identity and Name Resolution

Machine learning-based screening technology with unmatched precision and recall rates, available stand-alone for name and transaction screening or integrated in IMTF’s KYC product.


Real-time transaction check

Check and screen all transactions in real time, against any internal or external lists or conditions of your choosing.

Risk Scoring

Next Generation Client Risk Calculation

Contextual, real-time and MI-enabled client risk calculation to ensure you have an accurate view on your client base.

Background Search

Enhanced Customer CDD/EDD

Automated, smart, semantic and federated search and filtering across the web, in real-time. Whether you are looking for adverse or “positive" media, our solution provides additional context to your search.


Automate Regulatory Reporting

A fully integrated and flexible reporting module that let’s you automate the report creation process.

Document Management

Digital & Collaborative eFolder

A secure and compliant solution to keep track of all documents over time, allowing your teams to easily access the information they need, anywhere, anytime.

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